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Glacier Fire

Formed in the deep underground over a million years ago in the Canadian arctic – Glacier Fire is where Canada shines the brightest. Canada has become one of the major diamond generating nations to produce some of the worlds most beautiful, ethically sourced diamonds. With a vast potential of undiscovered natural wealth, Canadian diamonds are revered for their beauty and quality — only the select few are chosen to be Glacier Fire diamonds. Each and every Glacier Fire diamond is mined from some of the most ecologically sensitive and untouched environments in the world. They are truly a Canadian treasure. Each Glacier Fire diamond is laser inscribed with a unique identification number and maple leaf to guarantee its Canadian origin, and is accompanied by a Certificate of Origin — its own unique birth certificate that gives you absolute assurance that your diamond is truly Canadian. This certificate also describes the pedigree of the stone, from the mine to finished polished diamond, and every Glacier Fire Canadian diamond is independently appraised. This comprehensive process ensures each and every diamond is of the highest quality and designed for a lifetime of love.